Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To Bruce

Twenty one years ago I couldn't wait for the time to come--for the day you were born and for me to become a mother for the first time.  Then when my water broke at home that evening, I was suddenly scared to death!  I wanted to run away--afraid of how painful childbirth might be--but I knew wherever I waddled to, my round belly would be going with me.  There was no escape.  So off to the hospital we went--your dad trying to avoid the potholes from the March thaw because it seemed like I could feel every bump on the road.

After we got to the hospital you decided to just take your time--at least it seemed that way.  After eight to ten hours of labor it was finally time to push.  I was becoming exhausted after an hour and 1/2 of pushing, so the doctor decided they'd better call in the anesthesiologist for a c-section.  The nurse suggested trying the vacuum extractor--and the doctor said we could, although doubtful it would work.  As I bared down and pushed, the doctor pulled.  And finally you were born just as the anesthesiologist walked into the room.  You came into this world with a little ring around the crown of your head that looked just like a halo--it was where the extractor held onto your head.  

Through your first breath and screams at the cold air, the nurse exclaimed, "look at those dimples!"  You had them right from the start.  And you had cute dimples in other places too--a sweet, pudgy little boy that I could hardly believe was ours.  My dad couldn't believe how many creases you had either.  It must have been all those dilly bars your pregnant mom gobbled up.  We named you Bruce after your dad's late father--whom I never I had the pleasure of meeting.  

You still take your time and have displayed incredible patience throughout your 21 years.  You were such an easy baby to take care of--seldom crying and forever grinning and showing off those dimples.  I remember an incident when you were about 9 months old and had a terrible stomach flu.  As first time parents, we were terrified when you projectile vomited across our bedroom.  But that alarm soon turned to relief as you broke out in a grin right afterwards.  

When you were four, it seemed like your proudest moment holding your new baby brother.  He had slept almost entirely until you held him--then he opened his eyes wide when he heard your familiar voice.

I am in awe of your witty, spontaneous, sense of humor; and your memory for sports and movie facts is truly astounding!  I could tell countless stories about how you've made me smile over the years, and for this I am grateful.

A handsome young man full of patience, wit and love for his family, today, on your 21st birthday, I realize how truly blessed we are to have you in our lives.  As your future unfolds I know whoever you choose to share your life with will be incredibly fortunate.  I am so proud of the man you have become.  

Happy 21st Birthday Bruce!

Love you!

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