Sunday, January 12, 2014

About Dad and Mom

I wrote these poems for my parents many years ago and just retyped them for one of my sisters--
I thought I would share them on my blog too.  :o)

About Dad
By Cindy Haugen 

Dad diapered and bathed us
when Mom worked at night
Then it wasn’t “macho,”
but he felt it was right.

When it thundered
he always found room in his bed
for three little girls
to lay their scared heads.

He taught his three girls
to ride bikes and to play ball,
to be good sportswomen,
to get up when we’d fall.

Dad always taught us
to pursue our dreams,
to be our own person,
to have high self-esteem.

He worked very hard
to make dreams come true,
funding our educations,
and helping us move.

He spared no expense
when his three daughters wed.
He was known to work hard;
“Not a risk,” the bank said.

Now Dad’s a fine Grandpa--
six grandson’s in all!
He’ll share with them wisdom
and how to play ball.

So the lessons in life
Dad taught us were clear;
be independent, work hard,
and get a career.

Take care of those you love,
stand up and be honest,
and my Dad’s special trait—
is to be very modest. 

After 39 busy years,
my Dad just retired.
Thanks for my dreams Dad.
You’re truly admired.

About Mom
By Cindy Haugen 

Mom’s done so much for her three girls,
there’s so much to recall.
She stayed home to take good care of us
from the time we were just small. 

Whenever we weren’t doing well
and feeling under the weather,
she’d cook for us—our favorite foods
to make us feel all better. 

Mom taught us we could do anything.
We were proud that we were “girls.”
She ensured we had lego and cars
and played ball despite our curls. 

When I was at an awkward age,
Mom drove the extra mile
to get my acne treated,
to improve my buck-toothed smile. 

She would sew a special outfit,
or create a new hair style
to help us hold our heads up high,
to make us feel worthwhile. 

Mom taught her girls to work real hard
yet make the time for fun,
to be good cooks and gardeners,
to get out—enjoy the sun! 

When I faced my hardest time
I saw behind her tears
the desire to just take my place,
to quiet all my fears. 

She’s been there on my darkest days
helping me to cope,
to stand up on my two feet,
to manage and have hope. 

But most of all, the greatest thing
Mom taught us, now we know,
is how to be a loving mom,
to help our boys to grow. 

Now Mom’s a loving “Granny”
to six wild little boys.
She’s busy playing “chase” with them
and spoiling them with toys. 

Mom, thanks for being our best friend,
for showing how you care,
for listening,
 for your good advice
and for always being there.